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this is the beginning of something f*cking beautiful


About me

First and foremost, I retouched the sh*t out of this portrait of myself. Second, I pride myself on transparency. 

I graduated with a degree in Photography (that's right, with a capital P - that's what my student loan bills are paying for) from an art school back in Philadelphia. Immediately pre-pandemic, almost 10 years later, I packed up my bulldogs and drove across the country to LA. 


Growing up in a family full of older male siblings, I cook for an army.  This is partially why, in the incredulously small trailer I towed here with my Honda Civic, I was steadfast in that my pride and joy, my beautiful bronze and wood herringbone dining room table must come with me. Simply put, If you're ever hungry, just shoot me a text and I'll put out an extra place setting.

I firmly believe that if after we have a phone consult we wouldn't want to grab coffee or a beer together, we weren't meant to work together.  Fortunately, in my professional growth, this is rarely the case. I want your experience with me to feel effortless, yet result in beautiful imagery that perfectly encompasses your personality. 

Oh, and I have way too many tattoos. COUGHtrampstampCOUGH.


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